As much as Kiwis love their DIY, some reno jobs are best left to the professionals. Whether you’re after a feature-rich, major bespoke renovation or just a minor refresh, the team at Feature Build is ready to help you get your place just the way you want it.

We’ve also found that lots of homeowners aren’t really sure where the building process starts, what it involves or what to tackle first. Do you need a building consent? What are the details around costs and timeframes? Then there’s all the options for different materials - with significant differences in performance, price and effective lifespan, getting the right materials for your particular project is key. Whatever you need to know, the expert team at Feature Build is here to help.

Our team knows their way around kitchens, bathrooms, joinery, decks, additions, extensions and more - and we want to help you find the renovation choices that work for you. With a transparent process that keeps our customers in the loop every step of the way, from quote to final invoice, we’ll supply the expertise and high quality workmanship that your project deserves.

Drop us a line today to chat with our expert team about your upcoming reno - we can’t wait to hear from you!

Waihi Beach Renovation

New Builds

Having the chance to create something from the ground up is one of our biggest joys and challenges at Feature Build. While some builders make their bread and butter from cookie cutter projects that look pretty much exactly the same as the house next door, we love it when people come to us with a personal, unique vision of a home made for them.

Getting a building project off the ground is quite an extensive process, so the earlier you can bring in your builder, the better. Some of our favourite projects have been our most challenging builds: the Feature Build team relishes the chance to get stuck into individualised builds, creating homes that our customers really feel like they can call their own.

Are you dreaming of a house that’s just right for you? Get in touch with Feature Build: the Hamilton based, Master builder that loves a challenge.

Bettina Road Ancillary Dwelling

Light Commercial

When your business space needs a bit of a rethink, we’ll make sure it gets the same care and attention to detail as any home. The Feature Build team takes pride in our refits, and while sometimes commercial building is known to be a bit rough, we never compromise on quality. In fact, we bring across a lot of our experience from the work we do renovating and building homes, and apply the same kind of care to each of our commercial projects. After all, these are the spaces where some people spend most of their waking lives - not to mention that a well put together business space can do wonders for a company’s bottom line.

Whether you’re looking at a refit/redesign, or hoping to repurpose or modernise a space, the Feature Build team will always prioritise quality over speed, ensuring that your business benefits from the highest of standards.

NZ Safety Blackwoods

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