About Feature Build

Our Team

There’s a certain stereotype that a lot of people have in mind when they think of “tradies”... but we don’t really fit that mold. We have high standards and a lot of pride in our work of course, but we also reflect that in the way we act and present ourselves. At Feature Build, we want every member of our team to feel welcome and supported - and this philosophy extends to how we interact with our customers too.

Friendly, open communication is another major priority for us. We want our customers to feel comfortable telling us about their vision, and asking us any questions they have on their mind. Likewise, the Feature Build team has that same culture of healthy, open communication - we want to make sure our people are taken care of, so they’re in the best space possible to do an amazing job.

About the Owner - Andy


With years of experience working on hugely diverse jobs across the world, Andy’s dedication to high-quality workmanship is second to none. His many years of experience working as a carpenter both in New Zealand and abroad had have given him a unique perspective on the building and renovation industry.

“ I enjoy the challenge of renovation projects. The merging of the old with the new to a high standard is something that makes me excited for each new project. Quality assurance and attention to detail is a key focus in every project.”

Andy’s unwavering attention to detail and a unique ability to think outside the box has given him a leading edge in the building industry.

Our non-negotiables

We take our job very seriously and value the trust that people place in us to help them through every stage of creating their vision, from idea to completion.


We understand that you are trusting us with your visions and dreams and we treat your project accordingly.


We plan, price and communicate with honesty because we believe that this creates the best results for our clients every time.


We ensure that you are kept informed at every stage of your renovation or new build. We hold all of our subcontractors to our high standards of communication.

Our Promise

At Feature Build we are committed to utilising the most experienced and quality subcontractors alongside implementing the industry’s best trade practices at every stage. We do this so that you have peace of mind that your job will be completed to the highest standards.  


Contact us today

Give us a call to discuss your project or idea -  we can’t wait to hear from you!

If you already know some details about the project you are looking to begin, fill out the form and we will be in touch.

Call Andy:  021 454 736
Email:  andy@featurebuild.co.nz

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